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WBSS Finals-Prograis vs Taylor

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  • WBSS Finals-Prograis vs Taylor

    ******Spoilers coming soon******

    This Saturday, O2. Ring pics as follows. I pic Prograis by tough decision, but best not bet the farm.

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    Regis Prograis Official - Road To London Part 1

    Source: HD WEB-DL
    Video: HD - Mp4 - 1920p x 1080p @ 2.9 Mbps 16:9 : 29.970 fps High@L4.0
    Audio: AAC 128 kb/s (EN)
    Duration: 00:11:25



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      The Gloves Are Off - Prograis vs Taylor

      Source: Sky Sports HD WEB-DL
      Video: HD - Mp4 - 1920p x 1080p @ 1.6 Mbps 16:9 @ 25 fps (constant) High@L4.0
      Audio: AAC 128 kb/s (EN)
      Duration: 00:22:19


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        Anyone else watched the Gloves are Off? If not, watch from about 8:30-9:30 I think, that Prograis is a funny guy

        I don't know who to pick so I'll just watch with interest rather than call it, true 50/50 right here.

        Also looking forward to Ngabu vs Okolie on this card, after the main this is the one I'm most interested to see


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          Man, what a great fight this is.

          2019 has really delivered.


          Originally posted by Undefeated View Post
          Anyone else watched the Gloves are Off? If not, watch from about 8:30-9:30 I think, that Prograis is a funny guy

          Downloading it now.


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            --- Weighins today!

            Rings Doogie really gets inside what makes Prograis tick to whet appetites for a genuine fight of the Year.

            The Ring editor somewhat exposes himself in not knowing footage of Joe Gans exists. Seems Regis studies boxing history and has a number of books and hours of footage going from modern all the way back to Gans of select fighters he choses to study.



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              --- Regis a supposed minor struggle at 140 and Josh just under.

              Id imagine Josh street wt at 160 and Regis at 150, so fight wts interesting if released.

              Picking Regis based on success of modern welts in England, Bradley, Crawford, and Spence +++ BONUS!!!

              Chisora vs Pricey...(((KAAAABOOOOM)))



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                *****SPOILERS-Big Boys in the queue.

                --- Seen the ref raise Selby hand as the winner over Ricky, but by that time I was on mute in my 3rd login of an unwatchable fight.

                Some wannabe flailing interrupted by hugging.

                Save me Joe Louis!!!


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                  --- Pricey and Chisora both in the 260s that has to favor Pricey.



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                    --- Somehow DAZN skipped me the 1-2 rds, but 3rd Chisora flail/Swarm pricey who lands a few, but at the bell pricey lands an uppercut that knocked Chisora into the ropes, an uncalled KD.

                    no matter, a flail sends Pricey down, but he rises with hands up, and the fight ready to resume when the ref calls it. I gather his team tossed the towel. Nobody hurt and scarely a fight.


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                      --- Got to mid 7 rd before DAZN rebooted with Taylor sporting a busted up right eye holding the Ali trophy...only on DAZN!!!


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                        Josh was really impressive. I didn't expect such a domination. I had it 117-112 for him. Prograis took the last 2 rounds and round 4, 2 were even. Taylor just took him to school. Prograis was also very timid in the first 2 rounds.


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                          Fantastic contest, Josh Taylor is a beast, spiteful with the punches and he used his size and strength to let Prograis know who was boss in there, I thought Prograis' best round was the 8th when he elected to box and not engage, his defensive display was excellent at times but I did get the feeling that he started to get a bit disheartened when he saw he couldn't get Taylor off him, the crowd probably did their part too contributing to that.

                          Cards were about right, mine was identical to the judge who had it 115-113, Prograis gracious in defeat he can come again but Josh Taylor has answered the question now at last, he is the number one 140lber in the world and I'm delighted for him too, he's always taken the tough tests at such a young stage in his career, he can only get better. Great fight

                          Also want to give a mention to The Sauce, got the job done and surely world title shot is now just around the corner although personally I would advise against taking that right away, he still looks a little amateurish at times, the power has been seeing him through but when you've got a Breidis or Dorticos in front of you you'll need a bit more so I'd like to see him get more experience at European level first. Can't not mention the stoppage though, I don't know why a standing 8 couldn't have been given instead of just calling it off but with me I always look for the fighter's reaction to a stoppage and Ngabu didn't look too unhappy, he didn't really seem to know where he was to be fair but I still think a standing 8 for the defending champion who had not been in any real trouble prior, was warranted.

                          And WAR Chisora doing as expected, another quick stoppage there too but this time from the corner, as soon as Foster reached the count of 9 and looked to be letting Price back out I was fixated on the screen waiting for Chisora to run over and get him out of there so it's good his corner didn't let him get flattened, there was too long left in the round. He's lost all of his 7 fights by KO or TKO, surely time to call it a day, another Audley Harrison unfortunately but he did his best and got Olympic bronze so he can hold his head up.

                          Great night of British boxing, now I need to catch up on all that happened Stateside last night!


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                            Originally posted by LondonRingRules View Post
                            --- Got to mid 7 rd before DAZN rebooted with Taylor sporting a busted up right eye holding the Ali trophy...only on DAZN!!!
                            Not the first time you've had to have a go at DAZN and I know you're a subscriber too (as opposed to ripping it off I mean) so you deserve much better, it's a disgrace why can't they sort it out? That's absolutely unacceptable I would be absolutely losing it with their customer service team if main event coverage was dropping out on me when I'm paying for the service. I thought it was your internet last time remember but then I saw an uploaded DAZN vid buffering and all sorts too on the playback, if DAZN launches here I'll have to think twice. So you saw barely half of the fight live? Give them a call about that!


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                              --- Tried filling out their customer service survey, but got stuck midway with no way fwd or back.

                              in spite of problems, it's been worth it, and could be they have an app to solve these prob that have been reported by others. For their next fight I'll be relocating to the direct source of my wifi signal and see how that goes.

                              Btw, my card was Regis 2, Josh 0, and Even 4, meaning as the homie, Josh was potentially up 4-2, but nomatter, there had been no dominant rounds. The fight had a slow, technical feeling out to it, thus I'm in no hurry to watch the last 6 rds, but with Josh's busted eye, clear Regis did some damage in those rds.