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Gvozdyk vs Beterbiev Unification

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  • Gvozdyk vs Beterbiev Unification

    --- This Rockem , Sockem Blaster soon to go to spoilers this weekend.

    Me ol' AOL Bud and former LH contender provides the breakdown. Note the HUGE Skullset Beterbiev sports. He was an Olympic heavyweight and has the frame to prove it.

    Tough, tough fight indeed!

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    Boy Howdy !

    My money's on Beterbiev

    OK, actually I have a rule never to bet real money AGAINST any fighter named"Oleksandr," but luckily this is just theoretical money.

    They both have been improving in their last few fights, particularly their defense. I think that defensively they are now pretty close, and Artur surely hits harder. Also, Artur is able to attack from odd angles, and to lunge in from the outside. I'm not sure Gvozdyk can handle that, as his defense is more head slips than footwork. Gvozdyk has also learned to use some lateral movement, and huge credit to Teddy Atlas for that, but his offense is not on the level of Artur's, IMO.

    It will probably go longer than most anticipate, as these guys will be very respectful of each other.
    Pretty sure there will be no need for judges,, though.
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      --- Both made weight. I picked Gvozdyk, but geez, Beter the proverbial Beast of Prey. Gonna have to walk thru a beating in what is essentially a 50-50 fight.

      Betervleft is 2" longer than his right!

      Sonny Conto in the house at 214!


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        I went to the weigh in today, and i'll be at the fights tomorrow. Gonna be a glorious night for a unification in the Light Heavyweight division.

        Got Usyk to sign a glove for me today.

        Click image for larger version

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          Let the war begin! I think Usyk will win either on points or by ko/tko after round 6.


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            Originally posted by BoztheMadman View Post
            Let the war begin! I think Usyk will win either on points or by ko/tko after round 6.

            I seriously doubt Usyk will win this one.

            Drink more coffee, Boz !


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              I'm going for Beterbiev by stoppage. Great fight, shame no UK channel has picked it up. Didn't they fight in the amateurs and it ended in a 2nd round stoppage?


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                - -Yup, the Nail got stopped by Beter in the amas....

                ...and now for the
                *****SPOILER ALERT results...


                Beter beats the Nail in with typical crisp, crunching shots come late rds, 10th as I recall this article.

                Gvokdyk seems like a genuine, likable gentleman, so I have to feel bad for him. He didn't have to take this fight, but he did and deserves utmost respect.

                Judges with split poison scores poised for a controversial decision eliminated by Beter...



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                  Beter's defense looked even better than I expected. Mark Ramsay is doing an incredible job with him.

                  And sure enough, Beter's ability to land from way outside was a huge factor. Surprisingly, though, he did so primarily with body shots, which of course took their toll on Gvozdyk by the ninth round.

                  Kudos to Gvozdyk, and Teddy Atlas, not just for taking the fight, but for having an excellent game plan. It just wasn't enough.

                  - And it wasn't just Beter's overwhelming power that made the difference, it was also his defense. Those punch stat numbers were WAY off, as most of Gvozdyk's punches were either blocked or slipped. Of the few that he did manage to land flush, I was stunned at Beter's ability to take them and not flinch. The man has a better chin than I suspected, as well.

                  so ..........

                  WHO NEX?
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                    Another great night of boxing. I had a blast. I skipped the clusterfuck that was the meet and greet featuring Usyk and Loma. I've already met them previous, and i preferred to watch the undercard fights. I thought Collazo was ahead by a point at the time of the head clash. And I had Beterbiev up by a couple points before the absolute destruction of Gvozdyk.

                    Met and took a pic with Tyson Fury, that was kind of a nice surprise. Added 3 more signed gloves to my collection. I got Richard Commey, Zurdo Ramirez and snagged Beterbiev right the fight. Talked a bit with Jason Sosa, Julian Rodrigues, Jeremy Adorno, Teofimo, Commey, actor Holt McCallany, Nigel Collins, Russel Peltz, Lupe Contreras, and Paulie Malignaggi.

                    Also wonderful night, i think thats it for me until December. We shall see.


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                      Originally posted by Cableaddict View Post

                      I seriously doubt Usyk will win this one.

                      Drink more coffee, Boz !
                      I did it again...oops!