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Tyson Fury vs Strowman wwe

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  • Tyson Fury vs Strowman wwe

    --- This some of Furys early wwe appearances apparantly in advance of their showdown in Saudi Arabia.

    The guy is built like a tank and is noticeably not pulling his punches as you can hear the smacks. Wwe used to so obviously be theater but this guy is really brutal, the way wwe is today?

    He could tie the lanky Fury into knots and prob dropkick him to Saudi Arabia. Must be he can make more $$$ in the short term, or is this just a promo for his next boxing opponent?

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    You actually think that was REAL?

    C'mon, man ......




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      --- Floydy vs Big Show was comically fake, but the way this brute flung a scrawny 200 lber face first into a ring post wasn't fake. Think of Ricky Hatton heading a ring post vs Floydy.

      Surely you must know that pro Rasslers generally have short life spans because of the damage they incur as well as steroid abuse as this 365 lb brute demonstrates. Now Fury fighting his way out of the crowd was semi fake in that the crowd had their orders to fall, but they took shots that can't be faked even Fury is pulling punches to protect his hands.

      Like when Gorilla Monsoon body slammed Ali. That weren't orchestrated. Ali had no idea.


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        It's all about getting Fury exposure in America.