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Spence Down For a Long Count

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  • Spence Down For a Long Count

    --- Bad combo of high speed in his new Ferrari, early AM, prob drinking with no seatbelt = wreck, rollovers, ejection, EMS intensive care.

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    nooo what a shame!!

    we lost Salvador Sanchez the same way in a car accident!!

    hope he can recover and continue his career


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      Wish him well for a speedy recovery. Let's not make assumptions, LRR, regarding the circumstances or contributing factors.....


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        --- The only assumption I made is he was prob drinking late at night during a downtown foray given he crashed right after the bars close. He lives about 40 miles away

        I'm hearing a good prognosis for survival though still unknown if he'll ever be able to box again. The crash was horrific as this pic will show. My previous attempt to post resulted in a frozen screen, so I going back to old school.


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          I'm tempted to joke: "That's a helluva' way to avoid facing Crawford!"
          - but that would be WRONG.

          Of course I feel bad for the guy, he seems like a decent chap, not a "Broner" type at all.
          Still, driving a Ferrari at 3 am, at high speed, without your seatbelt on? That takes a little bit of sympathy away. And he could easily have killed someone else.


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            Apparently no broken bones just facial lacerations and broken teeth.


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              - -Saw the crude surveillance footage of the crash, and knowing this is in the interior part of the city hwy system, they have lowered speed limits such that anything over 45-50 would be "speeding," not the high speeds being suggested.

              Looked like he fell asleep at the wheel to drift into the median that prob has a curb, at which point the car starts flipping to eject him into oncoming traffic had it not been early AM.

              The Fates may not be so Kind next go round, so maybe a lifestyle change in order.


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                Wishing him well. Have seen the video footage and it rolled like crazy. It was probably better that he wasn't strapped in by a seatbelt. He's reported to have had a few scrapes but he'll probably have whiplash and more. Main thing is he looks like he'll be walking around again.


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                  --- Here's some footage I haven't seen that sorta calls into question how many surveillance devices they have on this stretch of road?

                  veeerily interesting that seconds later a car in the same direction that Spence presumably passed up didn't stop to render aid. Was there an altercation or race involved that he didn't want to be a part of?

                  prsumably the authorities are being pounded by the media and will have to release the result of their investigation.


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                    --- Grrrr! Had edit function up and it disappeared.

                    this footage in color from different angles.



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                      --- Good news in the Spence release from the hospital.

                      Bad news when the other shoe dropped with a DWI charge that carries stiff penalties few can afford, not the least being suspended from driving for a period.

                      Given Errol can afford a top lawyer, he'll need given he was prob speeding and the Ferrari demolished. Had there been an oncoming vehicle, could've been fatalities and/or serious injuries. Figure on a $40-50,000 bill for this which is chump change compared to the Ferrari that will be paid for in part by his insurance that may leave him with a final bill to be settled.

                      With a DWI conviction, that also makes him a target for law enforcement, insurance companies, and various future legal litigations. Be a whole new lifestyle and world for him now, so I hope he can count his good fortunes and make the adjustments needed.