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  • I watched the Hennessey Promotions card and it was pretty enjoyable. It was a rough night for the promoter's stable, but I continue to be impressed by Stephen McKenna. It was rather limited opposition, but he can only work with what he's given.

    SPOILERS (in case anyone cares)

    My favorite fight of the night was Michael Hennessy Jr vs Jamie Stewart. Hennessy Jr is the son of the promoter and Stewart is a relatively new pro that has turned his life around after a few prison stints. Hennessy fought a relatively lazy fight whereas Stewart seeming pushed the action. The fight was decided by the referee and you could tell Hennessy expected to win. Stewart won. It's a relatively big win for him since he was probably brought in to lose, so I'm happy for him. I've never been impressed by Hennessy Jr, but hopefully he learns something from this and adjusts accordingly. I honestly don't expect him to go far.
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