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A great heavyweight fight

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  • A great heavyweight fight

    This is one of my uploads, in fact its the second of two ive uploaded, its between Tommy Morrison and Carl ' the truth' Williiams. Its a fight that we rarely see today, two decent heavyweights going at it....

    if you havent seen it before, it really is worth a look......

    P.s. sorry ive posted it in the wrong section, i just wanted to contribute!!!

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    gave you access to downloads ironjab, do you upload alot iron ? your welcome to post your uploads onto the fighters profiles


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      Not seen this fight but will watch it as the Heavyweight division is the one I follow the most. Morrison was in some quality fights with Joe Hipp and Razor Ruddock.

      Carl Williams had a War with Mike Weaver which is well worth watching. Williams had a decent career and pushed Larry Holmes close.


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        Well. Rob, i didnt think id be able to upload a fight you hadnt seen, glad im able to help!! do u have the hipp fight? post if you enjoy the fight!


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          --- Ye olde early days before I was around.

          Tommy and The Truth alway game for a hard go in the ring!