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  • IBRO rankings updated

    The IBRO and its historians have compiled new lists based on their votes. Been quite some years since it was last done. Historian Monte Cox organised the update.

    Here are the results:

    As a taster here is the Heavyweight list and reasons.
    Heavyweight Results

    1. Muhammad Ali (603)
    2. Joe Louis (586)
    3. Jack Dempsey (467)
    4. Larry Holmes (452)
    5. George Foreman (447)
    6. Jack Johnson (432)
    7. Rocky Marciano (412)
    8. Sonny Liston (382)
    9. Lennox Lewis (361)
    10. Joe Frazier (349)
    11. Mike Tyson (276)
    12. Evander Holyfield (271)
    13. James J Jeffries (264)
    14. Gene Tunney (226)
    15. Sam Langford (171)
    16. Ezzard Charles (120)
    17. Jersey Joe Walcott (88)
    18. Wladimir Klitschko (86)
    19. Vitaly Klitschko (83)
    20. Riddick Bowe (71)

    Other Top Voters (50 or more votes): Harry Wills (64), Jim Corbett (58), Bob Fitzsimmons (53). Harry Wills who finished in the top 20 last time had the same amount of voters as did Riddick Bowe with 12 but for less points at 64. Jim Corbett also fell out of the top 20 having been replaced by bigger and more modern heavyweights. He had support from 10 voters but low on the list except for a couple of voters. He finished with 58 points. Bob Fitzsimmons had the same issue with support of 11 voters but again low on the list except for a couple of voters. He finished with 53 points. No other heavyweight had 50 or more points.

    • Usurping the throne from Joe Louis, who finished in first place 15 years ago, is “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali with 603 points. Ali is the only heavyweight eclipsing 600 in point totals. Ali received 18 of 31 1st place votes and 11 2nd place votes. Only 2 voters had Ali lower than 2nd
    • Joe Louis finished a very strong 2nd place with 586 points which would have been enough to take first place in some weight classes. No other heavyweight finished with over 500 points. Louis received 12 first place votes and 11 2nd place votes. Only 6 voters had Louis lower than 2nd No one had Louis outside the top 5.
    • Moving up one spot from the IBRO poll of 15 years past is the Manassa Mauler Jack Dempsey who finished in 3rd place with 467 points. Dempsey received no 1st place votes but received strong support across the board with 15 of 31 voters placing him in the top 3 with only 3 voters having Dempsey outside of the top 10.
    • Larry Holmes moved up two spots from his previous finish. Holmes 452 points propelled him into his 4th place position. Only 3 voters had Holmes outside the top 10.
    • Shooting up the board is powerhouse George Foreman who finished in 5th place with 447 points, up 3 spots from his finish 15 years ago. Foreman being only 5 points behind the 4th place finisher. 30 of 31 voters placed George in the top 20, 29 had George in the top 10, 14 of those had him in the top 5.
    • Finishing in the 6th spot is pioneer Jack Johnson with 432 points. 30 of 31 voters had Jack Johnson in the top 20, 26 had him in the top 10, of those 16 voters had Johnson in the top 5.
    • Rocky Marciano finished in the 7th spot with 412 points, he is the last heavyweight to have over 400 points in the poll. All 31 voters had Rocky in the top 20, 27 of 31 had him in the top 10. 6 voters had Rocky in the top 5.
    • In the 8th position is Sonny Liston with 382 points, one spot higher than his place 15 years ago. 29 of 31 voters had Liston in the top 20, 23 had him in the top 10, 8 had him in the top 5.
    • Lennox Lewis who had just finished his career at the time of the last vote did not make the top 10 at that time, but now finishes at a more realistic spot in the top 10 at the 9th All 31 voters had Lewis in the top 20, 26 of 31 had him in the top 10, 6 had him in the top 5.
    • Rounding up the top 10 is Joe Frazier with 349 points, the same spot he finished in 15 years ago. 30 of 31 voters had Joe Frazier in the top 20, 20 of those had Frazier in the top 10.
    • Mike Tyson closes in on a top 10 spot at # 11. All 31 voters had Tyson in the top 20 for a total of 276 points, 8 voters had him in the top 10.
    • Evander Holyfield was within 5 points of the 11th position at 271 points to finish at the 12th spot rounding up our heavyweight dynamite dozen. All 31 voters had Evander in their top 20, 9 had him in the top 10.
    • Old timer James J Jeffries faced a considerable drop in his rating falling out of the top 10 to the 13th spot with 264 points. 29 of 31 voters had Big Jeff in the top 20. 11 voters had him in the top 10, he had one 1st place vote.
    • Gene Tunney who finished in the top 3 at Light-heavyweight finished in the top 15 at heavyweight with a 14th place finish. 27 of 31 voters placed him in the top 20, 8 had him in the top 10.
    • Sam Langford, the Boston Tar Baby who knocked out virtually all of the top heavyweights of his day – except the one who refused him a shot at the title during his prime years, rounded out the top 15. This is the same spot Sam had 15 years ago. Langford had 171 points. 26 of 31 voters had Sam in the top 20.
    • Ezzard Charles, our # 1 light-heavyweight of all time landed in the 16th spot at heavyweight while Jersey joe Walcott finished in the 17th Charles and Walcott reversed their positions from the 2005 poll. Charles had 120 points this time while Walcott finished with 88, a 32-point differential. 25 of 31 voters had Charles in the top 20 while 21 of 31 had Walcott in the top 20.
    • Wladimir Klitschko and his brother Vitaly Klitschko both made the top 20. 15 years ago both were active and not considered for the poll. Wlad finished 18th with 16 of 31 voters about half voting him in the top 20 with 86 points. Vitaly had similar results with 15 of 31 voting him in the top 20 with 83 points.
    • Riddick Bowe took the final spot in our poll with the 20th slot receiving 71 points. 12 voters had Bowe in the top 20.

    The Rules:

    Vote for 20 fighters.

    1 point is awarded for a 20th place vote.

    2 points are awarded for a 19th place vote and so on, with a 1st place vote awarded 20 points.

    Compiled by Monte Cox, Chairman, IBRO All-Time Ratings

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    Cheers Rob.


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      --- Gather Monte the most credible survivor of that IBRO gathering from 15 years ago.

      And most honorable. I might disagree heavily over this and that and the other, but he always made a good case without vitriol.

      Shocked to see that padded thug BigDummy who was stripped of every title he ever owned over the likes of Joe Jeanette and Harry Wills who defended their Black titles honorably without complaint.

      I'd revote the list at the very least to include a 20a and 20b tie with those two and bump Big Dummy into his WBC bin where he belongs.