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    Hey guys,

    First-time poster here, but avid boxing fan and historian. I just wanted to share a personal project/start-up idea that I've been working away on. Hopefully it'll not only keep me busy through these challenging times, but also supply you all with some content to pass the time!

    Iíve been working on starting a new boxing brand/magazine. In short itíll be a collectable series, each issue will be solely based around one retired fighter and their career, which is our real USP. The second point of difference will be our design and style-led philosophy for the magazine and thirdly will be the large scale use of illustrations as opposed to photography in each magazine. You wonít find any boxing magazines currently doing this, as you know publications such as the Ring or Boxing Monthly all focus predominantly on current events and fighters.

    Our format is simple, one boxer per issue. Yet our philosophy stands for so much more. Join us as we delve back through the boxing archives. Celebrating showmanship, ring-craft and real-life Rocky stories, whilst honouring our favourite boxers and their legendary careers. From the unifications and the super fights, to the domestic dust-ups and historic trilogies. Showcasing the sport in all of its unrivalled glory, through earth-shattering lows, explosive blows and unbelievable highs. All with a twist of satire, told through our engrossing articles and awesome illustrations. Put together in a setting like no other, our sublimely designed collectable magazine series, both in print and online.

    Iím still very much at the beginning of the journey with it, but would love for you all to join me. Iím working away on the website and have just set up our social media pages, feel free to follow them below to keep in the loop and stay up to date on our first issue:

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    Would have been proper order to have introduced yourself to the forum in your initial post, instead of diving in head first with your sales pitch...

    I hope you treat the forum with some respect and participation, and not just to spam/advertise in future posts.


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      Apologies, you're absolutely right. It wasn't my attention to start off on a negative footing, nor to spam the forum, it's not something I'll be posting more than once. I just thought what better way to introduce myself than by showcasing my boxing-related passion and plan for the future. Look forward to a whole host of other non "My Final Round" related discussions and debate moving forward though.