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The Problem With Golf

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  • The Problem With Golf

    --- Don't know how many forum members have played golf, but currently golf has an equipment problem, and not for any shortage of.

    I loved playing golf and many a supposed greatest athlete has been mightily humbled by the small ball. See Michael Jordan...

    When I was a kid, a 250 yard drive down the middle the gold standard only the best could do. When I matured, playing in traditional persimmon woods and ball of the day, I could drive over 300 yards, one of the few recreational players.

    Now space age technology andmetallurgy has made 400 yard drives the new gold standard. Beautifully crafted persimmon woods are as quill pens in ancient times.

    Golf courses already take up hundreds of acres of land that requires meticulously expensive tending that can grow no bigger.

    Jack Nicklaus, greatest golfer in history has been talking about this for ages, 43 yrs. It's like the need to find a new name and regulations for the sport.