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Distrust/Disfunctions of The Media

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  • Distrust/Disfunctions of The Media

    --- Doing a bit of googling on the specs of the new midengine 2020 Corvette, a very specific type of request that always yields good results, I pulled up this idiocy.

    Now, it was immediately obvious it was more more than a virtual ball of lint and moved on , but it hit a chord in me wondering just how many of these throwaways there are polluting the internet?

    Why would anyone bother putting together such fluff that a non- native English speaker who has learned just a bit of English could maybe use for a report in his English classes?

    Lets say aBangladeshi boxing fan want to update his buds with Rings latest update to their ratings, puts it thru a translator site and comes up with a like bunch of gargle?

    Now, what if he wanted to translate an important article on civil rights, terrorism, or presidential candidate backgrounds to use his translations to spread the news in his community?

    The sinister uses and possibilities only grow, thus my concern about the current state of the "media" disseminations of what they term as news...

    Much adieu about nothing?