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  • --- Sure most know El Rumpo was impeached this week, so in advance he's gracing me with his presence at our convention center this Sunday.

    Obama used to come on working days to gum up traffic for that day.

    If my bum leg is ok, I may just walk down for a Looksee. Be some needed excercise combined with with a snapshot of a failing democracy in a roiling turmoil.


    • --- Supreme farce when the first 2020 primaries were held in Iowa, a caucus state.

      A "Democratic" tech company aptly named "Shadow," provided voting machines designed to quickly tally the results in advance of the freshly impeached Rump state of the union speech.

      Abject FAIL by Shadow fails to capture the absolute glee Reps had with the disaster.

      Rumpster is expected to be exonerated by the end of the week and on pace to be the first impeached US Prez to win a reelection while Dems still trying to herd their motley cats into order.

      and you thought boxing was bad!


      • Nobody realistically thought the Democrats had a prayer in a Republican-controlled Senate, and the same will happen as with Brexit here - people will buy the crap Trump is selling and re-elect him, convinced he's looking out for them. After the UK General Election, one commentator said Brexit, Trump and Boris all prove that the public doesn't mind being lied to. We live in horrifying times.


        • --- Ah, ye ancient Arab curse disguised as a blessing!

          Heard UK assembling a p4p commerce delegation to be airdropped stateside for lucrative art of the deals.

          Estimated Rump Son in Law(Ivanka) has earned an estimated $135 mil in his role as Prez advisor according to media wags and of course she has her own pretty fingers in the pie as well.


          • A few commentators here think Bernie is a real threat to Trump - dunno how that's perceived on the ground but I can't see America going for anything called Socialism however much they agree with his policy proposals.


            • --- The misbegotten Iowa caucus votes finally in and Bernie in spite of getting jumped by all the front runners made a strong showing.

              Moreover, he won New Hampshire that had no problems reporting results. Mayor Pete a strong 2nd as Warren and Biden fading.

              Onward thru the fog!!!


              • --- Ring's #1 scattershot Woodsy serves up a dense square pants Uncle Bob splattered in El Rumpo and Bernie savory sauce.

                Words may fail to surmise the insurmisable, yet excellent for laughs and gasps melding politics to boxing.



                • --- Biden previously left as road kill stormed back on Super Tuesday to take an incremental lead over front runner Bernie.

                  Keep in mind the entertainment media now stage these races as a Horse race as we the bedraggled public limp to the finish point.



                  • --- Wall Street and western world in meltdown over Saudi oil price cuts and coronavirus with US elections hanging on a thread.



                    • Not seen this thread for ages LRR. The musings of a mad man talking to himself seemingly

                      So are you in the team trump camp or what? Thoughts of his seemingly inactivity regarding this corona virus stuff? It's panic stations over here.


                      • --- El Rumpo supposed to address the nation about the coronavirus, cartoon city!

                        Wall Street dived from their highest point ever into a Bear Market.

                        Bernie to debate senile Uncle Joe one on one soon as America enters into the gerontocracy phase of democracy.

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