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  • New Billy The Kid Photo

    According to this article, there has only been this one known photo of Billy the Kid who was a notorious outlaw and fast draw specialist. His reputation spread faster than he could travel leaving him trapped in the end, only 21 years of age when he was gunned down by sheriff Pat Garrett in what was an ambush after befriending him. A most unassuming physical specimen, even ridiculous, but it was supposedly his biggest edge as nobody ever saw any danger in him until they were dying,

    Article here explaining how a new photo surfaced from an antique shop. All the photos of him are tintypes circa 1870-1885. In this one the Kid is playing crochet at a supposed wedding party. There are groups of women and children on the fringes and the Kid looks to be wearing a sporty cardigan sweater, hardly looking like the low brow he was accused of being. Could almost see the Prince of Wales in this group. Anyway, pic estimated to be worth $5 million, not a bad return on a $2 dollar purchase. Hope the guy has the decency to go back and give the seller some decent compensation.

    A Photo of Billy the Kid Playing Croquet That May Be Worth Millions Cost Just $2