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Thread: Amateur Boxing News

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    Safeguarding and Protecting Children Thursday 28th March 2019


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    Changes to the Safeguarding and Protecting Children Course and the New Child Wellbein


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    2019 Boxing Scotland Elite Finals – Live Results


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    Boxing Scotland – West Regional Club Development Officer (RDO)


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    2019 GB Three Nation Elite Championships


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    Fighting Back – A boxing club is leading the fightback against Parkinson’s

    A Rutherglen gym is fighting back against Parkinson’s with a revolutionary boxing-inspired exercise programme. Rock Steady Boxing Glasgow has developed a non-contact boxing based fitness routine which is dramatically improving the ability of people with Parkinson’s to live independent lives. Parkinson’s disease is a chronic, degenerative neurological disorder which leaves patients less able to direct […]


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    2019 GB Elite Championships Live Results

    Boxing Scotland brings you live results from day one of the 2019 GB Elite Championships (all bouts Semi- finals): Bout 1 – Fly (51kg) – Helen Jones (WAL) beat Stephanie Kernachan (SCO) Unanimous Bout 2 – Fly (52kg) – Hamza Mamood (ENG) beat Steven Ferguson (SCO) Unanimous Bout 3 – Feather (57kg) – Raven Chapman […]


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    2019 GB Elite Championships Live Results

    Boxing Scotland brings you live results from day two and the finals of the 2019 GB Elite Championships: Bout 1 – Fly (51kg) – Helen Jones (WAL) beat Tori Ellis Willets (ENG) Split Bout 2 – Fly (52kg) – Jake Dodd (WAL) beat Hamza Mamood (ENG) Split


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