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Thread: Bodybuilding News, products and advice

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    Variety with Purpose: "Drumline" Strength-Building Kettlebell Workouts

    Training doesn't have to be precise or complicated to work. In fact, it can feel random! Try these three routines and build serious strength while dialing in picture-perfect form.


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    5 "Shortcut to Shred" Exercise Swaps

    Don't let equipment limitations (or any other excuse) keep you from completing your workout. These are my five exercise alternatives for when barriers arise in training!


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    Arnold Has Been Attacked! Update: Yeah, Nah

    What will 50-plus years of consistent, intense training get you? A back that deflects haters like bugs. Just ask Arnold.


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    Podcast Episode 64: Scott Herman - Real World Fitness in The Era of Social Media

    YouTube sensation and Real World alum Scott Herman knows there's no BS-ing on social media. After working his way up from maintenance to manager at his local gym and earning his personal training certification in the process, it didn't take long for this natural-born entrepreneur to see the value of YouTube when it was still in its infancy. Fast-forward a decade, and Herman has built an online fitness empire as one of YouTube's best-known authorities on exercise and fitness and a go-to guru for results-driven workouts.


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    4 Winning Cues for an Iron Mindset

    Bodybuilding champ Derek Lunsford outlines his mental strategies for a full-force Olympia assault. It's a roadmap for meeting your own goals in the gym. Do you have the focus it takes to make gains happen?


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    Crave-Worthy Peanut Butter Recipes

    From smoothies to burgers, pancakes to pad thai, you can build a complete meal plan to satisfy your peanut butter craving with these healthy low-fat recipes!


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    The Ultimate Finisher for Abs

    A six-pack makes every other muscle look better. Sculpt those abs and maximize your physique by adding this core-focused closer at the end of your workout.


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    Pan American Weightlifting Champions Wes Kitts and Alyssa Ritchey on What It Takes to

    These Team athletes and USA Olympic weightlifters describe their journey to winning gold at the 2019 Pan American Championships and offer tips on making the most of a competition prep.


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    Yoga for Runners

    Runners have a unique set of aches and pains that come with the constant pounding of the pavement. Our yoga expert and Team member Karla Tafra is here to guide you to relief and running PRs!


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    5 Cable Exercises Better Than the Dumbbell Versions

    Dumbbells are great for many things, but in some cases there's a better tool for the job. Head over to the cable stack before your next cable workout, and craft the details of your upper body the right way!


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