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Thread: Scoobys Workshop

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    Elliott Hulse?

    Last week I watched one of Elliott Hulse’s videos when he was answering a question about “substitutes for squats” and I have to say, not only was I entertained but I liked his “stop making excuses” approach as well. I didn’t necessarily agree with everything he said but because fitness isn’t an exact science, no […]


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    Electric Cars, eco-friendly?

    On Earth Day, many people with best intentions start to talk about Hybrid cars or zero emission electric cars but in my view this is about the worst thing you can do for the planet. People who buy electric cars and hybrids end up feeling justified in driving more miles. You have to remember that […]


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    Fat Bashing and Obesity

    Todays video will stir up a hornets nest I am sure, its on “Obesity and Self Control” Lean, fit people: Please stop making fun of fat people or trying to ridicule the into thin-ness, it doesnt work. *If you really want to help them, *help them install a calorie counting application on their smart phone […]


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    Happy Cinco de Mayo!

    Happy Cinco de Mayo! *Pre-earn your celebration! *If you plan on drinking or eating, consider pre-earning your calories! For each beer you plan on drinking, run for 15-20 minutes!


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    Farting can save your life!

    Passing gas can save your life! *There is such a social tabu on farting that people are willing to slowly kill themselves in order to be socially acceptable. *A simple “Quack!” at a social gathering completely disrupts the conversational flow as full grown adults revert to giggling teenagers. Passing gas is healthy, do it MORE! […]


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    Volunteers needed for muscle gain research

    Volunteers needed for muscle gain research! Want to help improve muscle gain prediction models? Are you willing to share your muscle gain data? Have you already taken accurate weight and bodyfat measurements over a period of at least a year or are you willing to do it? The goal is to vastly improve the accuracy […]


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    Ripped Abs the Easy Way!

    Lose 28 pounds fat the easy way! Want to melt away fat to uncover those sixpack abs the easiest way on the planet? You don’t need pills, surgery, or expensive eBooks. This method lets you lose the fat without doing a single crunch or running a single mile. Many people think that washboard abs require […]


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    Lose weight using TV dinners!

    I am serious! Using frozen, prepared meals can help you break thru weight loss plateaus or help you lose weight if you have never been successful before. The reason it works so well is that the calories in prepared meals are precisely controlled. As long as you eat TV dinners, and nothing else, and you […]


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    Fat, villain or hero?

    So whats going on? Is fat making you healthy or killing you? Like a number of things in medicine, this one is flip flopping. Now we have medical professionals with passionately strong, and polar opposite, beliefs on the subject of dietary fat and saturated fat Back in the 1950′s, it was so simple. Doctor Ancel […]


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    King of Aesthetics

    Zyzz, the King of Aesthetics died at age 22 – who wants to be next? *Looking fit is not necessarily the same as *being* fit and many people seem to lose this distinction. *For the millions of you who idolize Jeff Seid and the GymShark crew, please remember that its great to look fabulous, but […]


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