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Thread: Anyone watching the womans world cup?

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    Anyone watching the womans world cup?

    I watched the first half of Scotland vs England, but after the penalty decision which I thought was shocking, I decided to give up at half-time.

    Theres going to be a lot of drama in the new season with the new hand ball rules. What are defenders meant to do, put there hands behind there backs?

    I watched the 13-0 goals on the BBC website just because it was such a ridicolous score. But apart from that I've not watched the womans world cup.

    Might tune in today for Japan vs Scotland, but then again I might not....

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    Re: Anyone watching the womans world cup?

    More people tuned in for Eng vs Scot womens than the recent 2 mens Eng matches combined Hidden Content

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    Re: Anyone watching the womans world cup?

    No, not watching Bud, same with the Cricket world cup although i will watch the latter stages of that if it ever stop's raining !!

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