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Thread: Inoue vs Rodriguez

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    Re: Inoue vs Rodriguez

    Thats why Steve Kim's stuck in the mud and commentating on small-potatoes Facebook stream cards.

    Like I said, if (big IF) Inoue fights; and beats Nery - I'll meet you halfway on the P4P bollocks.

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    Re: Inoue vs Rodriguez

    --- Been a published writer since forever and one of the few of the established media I ever respected. Never knew anyone had to be a media bigshot shill to have any merit.

    Ring installing him as Ring Champ arguing for #1 p4p...just sayin'...

    Ring Ratings Update: The Ring crowns its eighth champion with Nayoa Inoue - The Ring
    "I knew that Clay would have to move backwards and fight. All I had to do is fight." ..................Joe Frazier after the first Ali fight.

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