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Thread: Anyone give Scott Quigg a chance against Oscar Valdez?

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    Re: Anyone give Scott Quigg a chance against Oscar Valdez?

    Will The Occasion Get To Scott Quigg In His World Title Challenge Against Oscar Valdez?

    England’s Scott Quigg will be challenging the hard hitting Oscar Valdez for his WBO featherweight crown on March 10th at the Stubhub Center in Carson. It will be Quigg’s first attempt at a world title at the featherweight limit. Valdez’ record is 23-0 with 18 KO’s while the challenger stands at 34-1, 25 KO’s and 2 draws.

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    Re: Anyone give Scott Quigg a chance against Oscar Valdez?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cableaddict View Post
    I know literally nothing about Quigg. I didn't even see his loss to Frampton.

    (I'm a shallow American, what can I tell you?)

    - But Valdez is an incredible boxer, especially with his jab having gotten so much better in the last year. (Kudos to Manny Robles.) Not just technically excellent, but he showed great boxing IQ against Marriaga, completely changing his attack in the middle of the fight. Nice ability to occasionally switch to southpaw, too.
    Plus, of course, he has excellent power.

    His only weakness is a general tendency to throw everything at full speed, a trait that cost him in the Servania fight. - But we saw him varying his jab in the last few rounds of the Marriaga fight, so I think Robles has been working on this.

    I think Valdez is one of the top 10 or so fighters in the game today.

    So... somebody give me the skinny on Quigg.
    I agree, I think Valdez is a heavy favorite here. Quigg winning would really surprise me, almost shock me. Not saying he is not good but he's just not of Valdez's caliber.

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