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    Windows 7

    I keep getting notifications saying no more updates for Windows 7.

    Is it worth upgrading or safe to stick with Windows 7?

  2. Anyone watching the womans world cup?

    I watched the first half of Scotland vs England, but after the penalty decision which I thought was shocking, I decided to give up at half-time.

    Theres going to be a lot of drama in the new season...
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    Re: Warrington vs Galahad

    I think Warrington will have to much for Galahad. Warrington has really grown as a fighter and came into his own with wins against Selby and Frampton. I want him to win this fight and hopefully a...
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    Re: Warrington vs Galahad

    No publicity? Theres been plenty of press releases Rob sent out. I've also been sent a promo video and seen advertisements on TV and they remind you about the fight during other sporting shows 3/4...
  5. Dereck Chisora and Artur Szpilka clash at the 02

    Dereck Chisora will clash with former World title challenger Artur Szpilka on a huge night of Heavyweight action at The O2 in London on July 20 that also sees Dillian Whyte take on the undefeated...
  6. Re: Joshua vs Ruiz Jr - The Inquest. What Went Wrong?

    Rob McCraken had been his trainer from day one but not officialy due to his amateur comitments. They way he had Carl Froch prepared you'd think fitness wouldn't be an issue.

    The more heavyier and...
  7. Re: Joshua vs Ruiz Jr - The Inquest. What Went Wrong?

    I just watched the end of round 1 again and I don't think AJ looked exhausted sitting in the corner and I certainly don't think he was gasping for air.

    Theres no way Joshua didn't train to the...
  8. Re: Joshua vs Ruiz Jr - The Inquest. What Went Wrong?

    I just added what I fought here -

    I'll do a quick recap here.

    What I think went wrong was that Joshua's slow pace in the opening...
  9. Re: Fatboy Reckoning-Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua

    Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I’ve been not well.

    I'm surprised Joshua didn't stamp his authority in the first round and set the pace of the fight. Instead it was like watching two football teams...
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    Re: Warrington vs Galahad

    Warrington vs Galahad: Final press conference quotesThe talk has now been talked ahead of Saturday night’s IBF world featherweight title clash between the champion Josh Warrington and his mandatory...
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    Lookout for these bouts in June!

    It is the raw energy that runs through the body of a boxer, past his hands, and onto the face of his opponent that makes boxing a sport like no other. There is undoubtedly a death-defying factor to...
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    Sticky: Re: Rate the Last Movie you Saw

    The last two movies I really enjoyed was Bohemian Rhapsody (Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) - IMDb) and Gosnell (Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer (2018) - IMDb).
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    Re: Joshua new opponent will be.....

    It's official

    Anthony Joshua opponent announced for next fight - - Boxing News - Ring News24
  14. Is Anthony Joshua a drugs cheat? - Dillian Whyte thinks so!

    Various Sources:

    Dillian Whyte has told boxing it needs to address a major issue regarding the use of performance-enhancing drugs - and he reckons Anthony Joshua is amongst those "legally...
  15. Re: Tommy Langford middlweight or super middlweight?

    At, 29, I still think he could make a good living if he can win the British title again. But I don't think he'll become the British super middleweight champion, needs to move back down weight for me.
  16. Re: Nonito Donaire vs Young WBSS Spoiler*

    I thought Young was doing good up until he got caught at the end of round three. After round three, Donaire grew with confidence and started to take control of the fight. Donaire did get caught a few...
  17. Tommy Langford middlweight or super middlweight?

    I know heís had a few defeats as a middleweight but I canít see a future for him as a super middleweight.

    He lost against Lerrone Richards and no disrespect to Richard but heís far from an...
  18. Joe Joyce vs Daniel Dubois - Has the fight come too soon for Dubois?

    Joe Joyce and Daniel Dubois have been put forward to fight for the British title.

    Having watched both fighters, I can only see one winner and thatís Joyce. Dubois is only 11 pro fights into his...
  19. Prediction? Allen vs Browne + running order

    DOORS 16:30

    6 x 3 mins Cruiserweight contest
    SAM HYDE 14st 10lbs 1oz v JOZEF JURKO 14st 2lbs 8oz
    (Manchester) (Slovakia)

    4 x 3 mins Super-Bantamweight
    SAM COX 8st 8lbs...
  20. Re: Is Amir Khan's last shot at championship dream on Saturday night?

    Totally agree. The only thing that stops this being a quick fight is if Khan runs most of the fight. Crawford will catch "Mr I'm not chinny" at one point and the fight will be over soon as he does.
  21. Is Amir Khan's last shot at championship dream on Saturday night?

    This weekend we will once again be witness to one of Englandís biggest stars, as former world champion Amir Khan steps into the ring to face off with undefeated WBO welterweight champion Terence...
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    Re: Golden age of British boxing.....

    I agree Ton - I'm not overly excited about him either.
  23. Re: Reports of Jarrell Big Baby Miller testing positive. F$%^!!!!!

    I wouldn't be surprised if more than 50% of the very top boxers have cheated at one point in their career or still cheat there way to success, especially when there is so much money on stake.

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    Re: Golden age of British boxing.....


    WBA: Anthony Joshua
    WBC: Deontay Wilder
    IBF: Anthony Joshua
    WBO: Anthony Joshua


    WBA: Oleksandr Usyk
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    Re: Golden age of British boxing.....

    When an era ends or is about to end there’s always fighters trying to come through and step up, whether their good enough to make a mark on boxing is the big question - it makes their journey...
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